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The Sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church at Dayton

Click on the church picture to see a series of images of our sanctuary .

The Dayton Church has a beautiful sanctuary, rich in history.  Built at a cost of approximately $1500, the initial completed meeting house was dedicated on August 31, 1870.  At that time the church was a frame structure 40 by 60 feet, built on a brick foundation with a basement school room.  In July 1883, the congregation voted to remove the cracked plaster on the walls and ceiling, sheath both ceiling and sides with Georgia pine and to enlarge the building with the addition of 17 feet to the rear.


Upon entering the large doors along Georges Road, you will find dual sweeping staircases leading up to the sanctuary.  The room is eastward facing, welcoming the morning light through stained glass windows.  Three of the windows date back to the early 1900's.  One window has a passion flower as its theme, a symbol of Jesus' crucifixion.  It was crafted with 10 petals instead of 12, excluding Peter for his denial and Judas for his betrayal.  Another of the windows features an open Bible, representing God's Word to us.  The third has lilies, honoring Mary the mother of Jesus.  A fourth stained glass window was dedicated in 1987 and contains the words to Psalm 100, calling us to glorify God through music.


Our painted tin wall and ceiling design draws the eye upward.  Typical of Presbyterian design, our chancel has a central pulpit, beautiful in design.  A choir loft rests behind the chancel area with two rows of seating.


Our sanctuary instruments include a 2 manual organ and Steinway M baby grand piano.  On Easter Sunday 2014, our church dedicated its new hymnal resource Glory to God which was published in 2013 and empowers congregational singing that honors both hymns of the past and congregational singing of today.  Hearing assistance devices are available to all who need them.


In the fall of 2013, our sanctuary became accessible to everyone with the additon of a lift, located in the lobby of our newly designed entrance located on the parking lot side of our building.

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