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Come and Worship - Sundays at 10:00am

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Worship at the Dayton Church is Central to Our Life, Mission and Ministry


Worship is held in our beautiful, fully accessible sanctuary each Sunday morning at 10:00am. All of our worship services can be accessed both in person and online.  Our virtual ministry is offered over Zoom and YouTube, with links found on the home page of our website.  All liturgy and hymn texts of the morning are screenshared, so all may fully participate.  In person worshippers will be greeted by ushers who will provide welcome, and are ready to assist with the operation of our lift, to offer our Sunday bulletin, or to answer any questions.  Children are always welcome!  

Come on Sundays and anticipate 

                      - Hearing Scripture read and proclaimed in ways that are relevant to living as a believer

                        in today's world through sermon and song;

                      - Participating in our prayer life through liturgy, music, silence and speech;                       

                      - Being prepared to go out into the world as bearers of God's light.  

The sacrament of the Lord's Supper is offered on the first Sunday of each month and baptism upon the request of members, counsel of the pastor and concurrence of the Session.

Come to worship at the First Presbyterian Church at Dayton!  

The doors of the church will always be open to you.  

We are an inclusive community of faith, standing ready to welcome you,

remembering that at one time we were all visitors in this place.  

Wherever you are on your journey, wherever you have been, wherever God may be leading you

- you will find a home here.

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