Church Leadership:  Session, Deacons & Staff

We hold that all members are ministers of the church.


As Presbyterians, we believe that one of the responsibilities of membership is the election of people 

to serve the church, according to their God given gifts. As written in the New Testament,

our offices are Presbyters (Ministers of Word & Sacrament and Elders) and Deacons. 


Our church organizes its life together through different ministries - each entrusted to a specific team of people.  While membership on our teams is open to all

- it is our Elders that are called to provide leadership and report back to the governing body (Session).  

Our Deacons provide ongoing, tangible support to our church family through prayer and presence.


Class of 2021

Ruth Cerequas: Worship (chair)

Ken Pearce:  Buildings & Grounds

Jill Thompson:  Fellowship (co-chair)

Ruth Van Dyke (Fellowship (co-chair)

Class of 2022

Sharon Campagnola - Fellowship

Leslie Lanphear - Earth Care

Bruce Scurato - Buildings & Grounds (chair)

Sophie Werner, youth elder

Class of 2024:

Holly Adams

Howard Jones

Joshua Thanaseelan

Brittany Werkheiser

Clerk:  Elder Janice Coombs

Moderator:  Rev. Wendi L. Werner

Board of Deacons

Pat Jaccoma

Susan Hickson

Sue H. Scurato

Kathy Smith

Lauri Smith


Liaison:  Rev. Wendi L. Werner

Deacon Advisor: Kaetra Horton




Staff Team

Rev. Wendi L. Werner - Pastor

Susan H. Scurato - Secretary

Kenneth Schaub - Sexton

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